Melissa (becuz_of_you) wrote,

i love seminoe hoes <3

AE giRLie 62003: amy effing persaud..i love you<3
ONeCraZyMoFo851: melissa effing baker... i love u so much more<3
AE giRLie 62003: psht. thats impossible ;-)
ONeCraZyMoFo851: its more possible than u'd believe
AE giRLie 62003: LOL awh. <3 youll always be one of my best friends amy!!
AE giRLie 62003: youre soo hott
AE giRLie 62003: haha
ONeCraZyMoFo851: AWWW YAY!
ONeCraZyMoFo851: youre so hot!!!
AE giRLie 62003: <3

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    & now..this journal ends.. cos um. igaveup&letherwin. and i never let A N Y O N E beat me..but i found out, that the only person i was competing…

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    myperfect_dream thats my new lj. its friends only. so add it. most likely you will be added back. unless i hate you =)

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