Melissa (becuz_of_you) wrote,

tonight was truly
a m a z i n g.
ive never felt soo good in one night.
its just like..everything
is so right when im with him.
hes so amazing.
and he doesnt even know it and he
doesnt realize how good he makes me feel.
and wow.
i couldnt feel any better.
thank you so much bobby.
for everything you do to me.

i gotta go because my mom.
but ill update more later.

oh and um if you were wondering..
your kisses take my breath away.
thats why i kept kissing you =)

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    & now..this journal ends.. cos um. igaveup&letherwin. and i never let A N Y O N E beat me..but i found out, that the only person i was competing…

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    myperfect_dream thats my new lj. its friends only. so add it. most likely you will be added back. unless i hate you =)

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